Can Herpes Blitz Protocol Really Get Results?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is not that well known as a treatment option for herpes. If you got to its official website, you may notice that it’s not as “professional-looking” as the sites of most treatment products for herpes.

It’s only natural and even advisable to skeptical with this product and other similar products. However, it’s also worth examining if Herpes Blitz Protocol can truly deliver on its claims and not simply dismiss it as a scam.

What Is Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Herpes Blitz Protocol is not exactly a treatment product but information on how to treat the disease. It does not provide an oral drug or a topical treatment like creams or ointments.

Herpes Blitz Protocol is a copyrighted e-book that contains various information claimed to be useful in the natural treatment of herpes. It shares information about the disease and the treatment options for two types of herpes.

For a price of $37, what you get is a digital download, no physical product will be shipped to you. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, though. You can contact the seller to ask to return the product and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the treatment information you get from it.

What Are the Claims or Promises?

The goal of this treatment protocol is to enable natural healing using information that is considered to be a guarded secret in the pharmaceutical industry. Accordingly, many of the information being shared in Herpes Blitz Protocol are based on findings by pharmaceutical companies themselves, but they are unwilling to publicize these as these can lead to inexpensive treatments that will compete with the products pharma companies are selling.

Basically, what Herpes Blitz Protocol claims is that it can help you address herpes naturally. It also boldly claims that it allows herpes sufferers to completely get rid of the virus from the body through a method described as “so new and so unconventional.”

The product’s info-video claims that the treatment method being offered by Herpes Blitz Protocol allows the body to find and enable a kill switch in the herpes virus plaguing the body. It’s touted as a revolutionary solution that has been tried by dozens of thousands of users worldwide, including athletes, professionals, celebrities, and business leaders.

Can You Really Get Results with It?

The treatment information presented in Herpes Blitz Protocol is claimed to be scientifically proven. As mentioned, thousands have already used the treatment protocol described in the product.

There are a number of favorable reviews posted online. These are not similar to the reviews you may find for other herpes treatment products, though.

These reviews don’t exactly affirm all of the claims of the Herpes Blitz Protocol advertisement. Most reviews are positive statements that say that the users felt better but these reviews don’t necessarily claim that the users have totally recovered from herpes. After all, herpes is still widely known to have no known cure.

What Does Natural Treatment Mean?

It’s important to emphasize that Herpes Blitz Protocol is only intended as a treatment, not a cure. It can eventually neutralize the symptoms, but it does not necessarily kill each and every herpes virus in the body.

Herpes Blitz Protocol can ease the symptoms and painful experiences associated with the disease with the help of routines and natural ingredients that are said to enable a kill switch in the herpes viruses. There are no pharmaceutical drugs, creams, ointments, and other other oral or topical treatments prescribed.

The results varies for every user, just like in the case of most other herpes treatment options. Some may quickly observe the improvements while others may take a long time before they can notice changes.

In summary, there are indeed results that can be achieved by following the treatment guide provided in Herpes Blitz Protocol. These are mostly the alleviation of symptoms, though, and not a total cure.

There are no completely impartial scientific studies that can support claims that herpes can be totally cured so it’s difficult to say that Herpes Blitz Protocol can serve as an effective cure. Nevertheless, it can be considered an acceptable treatment option as users say that they observed improvements in their condition after following the Herpes Blitz Protocol.