For the longest time, sexually transmitted diseases have not been addressed due to people being too ashamed to talk about it, lack of education, or just plain irresponsibility.

I, Kyle Harrison, started multiple campaigns to educate people about sexually transmitted diseases and repercussions of avoiding safe sex as soon as I saw how problematic it was in my second year in the University of Southern California. So many people saw this movement as crass and unneeded but they fail to see the sex is usually unavoidable in co-ed schools within our country. We have to put our conservative ideals aside and address the health of the general public with proper education. During my stay in college, we promoted a more sex positive image and got a big number to get themselves either checked up or treated. It was during this time that I found out that herpes was one of the most evident Sexually transmitted diseases in our school and country.

As a Pharmaceutical Applied Chemistry graduate, I worked with a couple of other brilliant minds to provide a solution to this problem. We started Assure, a company that aimed to not only provide affordable and effective medicine and solutions but to also educate people all over the world.

Our debut product, and most famous to date, was the Herpes Blitz Protocol. It offers instant relief once applied and brings your recovery time down to 4 to 7 days guaranteed. Since starting Assure back in 2014, our team has been developing multiple treatments for different types of sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and genital warts. We have also brought our brand to the international market by providing these solutions and education to countries where sexually transmitted diseases are more evident.