What is it?

It is a program made of three specific ingredients which work in combatting the viral ailment. It’s seen as simple, effective, convenient and natural path to recovery from the herpes virus.

This unique kind of remedy combines nature and science to let one live free and be freed from the terrible grip of this viral infection that ruins the livelihood of people. It has a simple concoction with ingredients that can be purchased in your grocery stores.

How does it work?

This lucrative product and program works by utilizing the few vital ingredients found in Morocco and has the goal of curing the person of herpes permanently. Research reveals that herpes has an off-switch, so this remedy seeks to hit this switch off, preventing the virus from multiplying and then letting it die.

The cure works by neutralizing the virus, severely weakening it and then exposing it to the immune system. Therefore, this also strengthens the immune system to effectively kill the virus rather than laying it dormant or stagnating it.

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Who are its makers?

It was created by Josh Parker, a former Special Forces operator, officer and combat medic in the US Army. While deployed on a joint training exercise in a small fishing village with armies from both American and Moroccan, he found that Moroccans were not infected with herpes in a camp where other Africans are infected from the concoctions they have made.

Upon returning home in the US, he made notes of the Moroccans’ ingredients, delve into research on how to deal with herpes and then enlists the help of a friend Charles Ellis, a scientist and specialist in dealing with germ warfare.

Ingredients overview

This simple smoothie is made out of these three main ingredients, each of which is highly potent and executes their curing effectively when it comes to healing from the virus. Though these are what was discovered in Morocco, these ingredients are easy to find in your grocery stores.

From what Josh Parker takes note of:

Curcumin, a primary chemical found in the spice called turmeric, a staple in cuisines in Morocco for centuries. This spice has strong anti-viral effects, undermining the virus’ replication abilities.

Quercetin is found in Morocco’s staple dish called Couscous, with ingredients of tomatoes, olive oil, peppers, raisins and red onions. Alongside it being anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, studies from India states that Quercetin is extremely potent against this virus; in short, a strong virus killer.

Lastly Resveratrol, found in skins of red grapes but also in peanuts and berries, acts as anti-oxidants and is known for fighting many kinds of diseases as well as being an anti-aging agent. Resveratrol blocks proteins that herpes rely on to gain a foothold and multiplying.


Herpes Blitz Protocol is extremely potent against herpes that other medical drugs do little to none to remove it or may be harmful to the body and being costly only to yield no desired results. Being made from natural and from a healthy staple dish from Africa that helps their people from being infected much, this is now made known and available for all, all made easily available and easy to make for both genders of any age to take.

No harmful substances or additives have been added into the formula, so it’s all safe and will have no side-effects, unlike the other medical drugs that potentially bring harsh side-effects. This guarantees the elimination of herpes without any discomfort and being very safe and healthy while the person can rest or go about their daily lives.

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Though this assures the elimination of herpes, the only disadvantage is just it takes some time before herpes were to be effectively gone. Another is that the effects can vary from person to person, but is still otherwise most effective with fast results.

side effects

It is with confidence that is very much free from any harsh side effects. There have been no negative reports to date, only positive reviews as researches have tested and use ingredients that are tasty yet potent, ensuring its effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any precautions I should take?

It would be safe to simply follow the instructions given.

How is it best to use Herpes Blitz Protocol?

It is a guide-based program to make the ingredients to take. Follow the instructions made to make this remedy.

Will I see results immediately? How soon?

This remedy rids the symptoms of herpes in over 48 hours. To completely remove this virus from the body, this usually takes over 19 days.

Can I but Herpes Blitz Protocol on Amazon or Walmart?

It is not available on Walmart, Amazon and other pharmaceutical stores. It is usually ordered and purchased online via their official website, https://herpesblitzprotocol.com.

Will you give me a refund if the product does not work on me?

It’s been stated that if not working, one can assure of a refund. Additionally, if for any reason someone changes their minds about purchasing it, a refund is still available.


When other medical drugs do little or do not wipe out this terrible infection and brings bothersome side-effects as well as treatments are costly but yields no desired results to be rid of herpes, Herpes Blitz Protocol is the much sought answer and cure for people unfortunate to have this infection and wish to dispose it out of them for good. With this, no one’s lives will be ruined anymore by this contagion and enable them to enjoy their lives again without any consequence.

Extremely effective, guarantees recovery within a short time, very safe with no negative effects, made from natural ingredients that may also be a tasty dish, this has all been made easy and tests yields positive and the desired results. One will find no other better cure from herpes than this.